Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing

Program Once and Deploy on Hybrid Compute Infrastructure

One Platform for Easy Quantum Programming – IBM Qiskit, NVIDIA Quantum CUDA and others

  • Write code in your favorite programming language or upload existing programs
  • IBM Qiskit, NVIDIA Quantum CUDA and other integrations
  • Visualize as you program with Jupyter integration
  • Designed for new developers in Quantum as well as existing AI/ML developers for advancement of scientific applications

From CPU/GPU to QPU- Unified Platform to easily deploy on Classical or Quantum Infrastructure

  • Dihuni is a leader in GPU systems supplying on-premises GPU servers with the most advanced GPUs from NVIDIA, AMD and others to world’s leading organizations
  • We have the advantage of a large GPU based AI customer base so we made it easy for existing GPU server customers experimenting with Quantum and for new Quantum customers who need deployment on GPU systems
  • Get the high performance of QPU and the most advanced GPUs such as NVIDIA H100, A100 and others – all with one click to deploy

Pay as You Go Hybrid Cloud Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS)

  • Free compute up to 7 Qubits
  • Pay for CPU, GPU and QPU cycles as you grow
  • Flexible plans – from hourly to monthly to annual plans
  • Incentives for existing and new GPU Server customers

Quantum Ready Applications – In-house and Partner developed

  • Repository of today’s AI/ML/Generative AI applications to advanced quantum applications for understanding global climate changes and solving problems in chemistry, healthcare and other areas
  • In-house and community developed ‘ready to run’ algorithms and applications
  • Partner eco-system with leading Quantum application providers
  • Procure and deploy directly from Qubrid.com


Hybrid Computing Architecture

Qubrid combines the strengths of classical (GPU) and quantum (QPU) computing to deliver exceptional computational capabilities, maximizing efficiency for a wide range of applications. 

Qiskit Integration

Qubrid integrates with the widely-adopted Qiskit framework, allowing users to create, edit, and execute quantum programs easily. 

User-Friendly Interface

The platform features an intuitive user interface to facilitate ease of use, allowing users to design and execute quantum-classical hybrid algorithms with minimal learning curve. 

Customizable Backend Selection

Users have the flexibility to choose between QPU and GPU backends, or even a combination of both, based on their specific needs and desired performance parameters. 

Enhanced Security

Qubrid leverages quantum-safe encryption methods to ensure the highest level of security for data transmission and storage. 


The platform’s modular design allows for seamless integration of additional quantum computing resources as they become available, ensuring that Qubrid remains at the forefront of technological advancements. 

“Our leadership and expertise in Classical GPU and CPU based computing for Deep Learning and Generative AI helps us take a pragmatic approach to Quantum”

Pranay Prakash, CEO, Qubrid

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