GPU Cloud for AI & Quantum Simulations

  • Deploy AI applications or simulate Quantum programs on GPUs
  • Reserve access to ‘hard to get’ GPUs such as NVIDIA GH200, H200, H100, A100 etc
  • On-demand access to GPUs such as NVIDIA Tesla T4, V100 etc
  • Scale from single GPU to thousands of GPUs for Generative AI and LLM applications
  • Free basic compute (CPU) for AI/ML or Quantum simulation
  • Flexible plans – from hourly to monthly to annual plans

Quantum Cloud for Instant Access to QPU Infrastructure

  • Access the world’s most advanced Quantum Computers from an easy to use cloud interface
  • One touch deployment with flexible back-end infrastructure selctions
  • IoNQ, Rigetti, Quella, NEC and other providers – we regularly add new players
  • AWS Braket integration provides flexibility and choice
  • Scale qubits as technology advances without having to setup new infrastructure

One Platform for Easy AI/ML & Quantum Programming

  • Write code in your favorite programming language or upload existing programs from Github
  • Python, IBM Qiskit, NVIDIA CuQuantum, CUDA and other integrations
  • AI packages pre-loaded – Tensorflow, Keras etc
  • Visualize as you program with Jupyter integration
  • Designed for new developers in Quantum as well as existing AI/ML developers for advancement of scientific applications

Unified Platform for Hybrid Classical-Quantum AI Algorithms

  • World’s most complex problems require combination of classical and quantum computers
  • Qubrid & NVIDIA allow you to easily run your hybrid algorithms to get the best and fastest results
  • Get the high performance of QPU and the most advanced GPUs such as NVIDIA H100, A100 and others – all with one click to deploy on hybrid infrastructure

AI Applications & Algorithms – In-house & Community developed

  • Repository of today’s AI/ML/Generative AI applications developed using GPU and Quantum technologies
  • From understanding global climate changes to solving problems in drug discovery, chemistry, healthcare, industrial and other areas
  • In-house and community developed ‘ready to run’ algorithms and applications
  • Develop and contribute or sell your own applications on Qubrid platform

“Our leadership and expertise in Classical GPU and CPU based computing for Deep Learning and Generative AI helps us take a pragmatic approach to Quantum”

Pranay Prakash, CEO, Qubrid

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