Qubrid GPU Cloud Platform Early Access Available Immediately for Generative AI, LLM and Quantum Computing Simulations

MCLEAN, Virginia, Jan 30, 2024 /Business Wire – Qubrid, a leading GPU Cloud and Quantum Computing company announced immediate access to its leading hybrid GPU-QPU cloud computing platform focused at solving complex real-world problems. The Qubrid Cloud Platform (QCP) shortens access to GPUs and QPUs making them accessible and programmable using an easy-to-use web interface.

What can I do with Qubrid Cloud today?

The Qubrid platform is open now for developers, researchers and scientists to login and start working on AI/ML or Quantum Computing projects. You would be able to:

  • Run AI/ML Programs on GPU
  • Simulate Quantum Computing programs on GPU
  • Run Quantum Computing programs on QPU
  • Reserve ‘hard to get’ GPU instances 
  • Instantly access Jupyter Notebook programming environment
  • Program in Python or Qiskit 
  • Use pre-loaded AI packages including Pytorch, TensorFlow, Keras etc.

Why Qubrid GPU Cloud Platform?

There are multiple reasons why QCP can be right for you:

  • Budget – if you don’t have the budget for fully assembled on-premise GPU systems, you can spend a fraction of the price of systems and run your programs 
  • Scale – You can scale from single GPU per node to thousands of GPUs in a cluster without worrying about purchasing expensive hardware
  • Zero maintenance – with QCP, you don’t have to worry about setting up hardware or installing OS or AI packages. All that is done by us so you can just focus on developing your AI/ML/LLM applications.
  • Use while waiting for your on-premise hardware – if you have ordered long lead-time GPU systems, you can get a head-start using GPUs in the cloud to fill in the gap until your systems arrive at your door.

How do I access QCP and what’s the pricing?

The Qubrid platform offers high volume GPUs on an on-demand basis. Additionally, for high-end GPUs, customers can reserve instances on monthly, six-monthly or annual subscription basis. The platform is available for immediate login using below link:


Pricing for on-demand GPUs and QPUs is available after logging in.

For high-end GPUs which require reserving instances in advance, pricing is available at:


“Our vision of accelerating AI and making GPU and Quantum Computing resources available to everyone is now real and available for customers,” said Pranay Prakash, chief executive officer at Dihuni. “We invite developers from startups, universities, commercial and government entities to use our platform – whether you’re working on a Deep Learning application, LLM, Generative AI or solving a logistics optimization problem using Quantum Computing, you will be able to use the Qubrid platform with ease and with necessary tools required for your applications.”

About Qubrid

Qubrid is an advanced AI company with a mission to solve complex, real-world problems in multiple industries. Our cutting-edge Qubrid Cloud Platform (QCP) harnesses the power of GPU, CPU and quantum processing unit (QPU) computing infrastructure providing unparalleled speed and accuracy to solve complex optimization problems, perform simulations, and conduct data analysis.

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Visit Qubrid at https://www.qubrid.com

Media Contact: digital@qubrid.com

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