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Research Focus

Qubrid performs advanced research in Quantum and Classical Computing to solve complex problems through the use of Machine Learning and AI. Qubrid’s R&D team is comprised of scientists, industry professionals, PhDs, educators and advisory members who are deeply immersed in performing research on cutting-edge topics and developing applications and algorithms to optimize the use of Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing.

Below are some of our research areas:

  • Quantum Generative AI
  • Quantum Machine Learning (QML)
  • Hybrid AI modeling and training
  • Healthcare and Drug Discovery
  • Financial Applications
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Applications
  • IoT and Smart Cities
  • IT Infrastructure including GPU-QPU performance
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Quantum Error Correction

Our team is working on both near-term hybrid and long-term pure Quantum applications.

Algorithm & Application Development

Qubrid simplifies the development and use of pre-built algorithms to accelerate your time to productivity. Our standard algorithms are designed to not only run on Qubrid’s Cloud platform but also on-premises on your classical or quantum computer. From generic to vertical focused algorithms, our team of scientists and developers are focused on simplifying the most impactful use cases.

Customized Research and Development

Qubrid also performs custom research projects for commercial, educational and government/DoD organizations. We love to collaborate with leading global research organizations to do funded (private or public grants) and or joint and collaborative research. Please submit your requirements below:

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